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FUSE*FACTORY is a space dedicated to the development of projects at the intersection between new media, technological innovation, architecture, interactive digital installations, and audio visual design.


Media designers, digital artists, IT developer, engineers, architects, makers and project managers work together in a multidisciplinary team sharing their skills to create new languages and new forms of expression in art, architecture and communication.

Experimentation and research center founded in 2007 with the aim of exploring the expressive potential provided by the creative use of coding and digital technologies through the creation of digital artworks and performances.

Company founded in 2008 that operates in the field of new media-based communication through the creation of technology platforms, interactive multimedia systems, software, visual and sound design.

Active since 2011, the studio combines architectural and multimedia design, specialised in the creation of narrative environments: museums, public spaces and showrooms.

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Fuse Factory

Via Nuova 9, Campogalliano (Modena), IT